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Thursday, June 21, 2018

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Vivegam Tamil  Movie Review

Vivegam Movie Review: Keep Logic Aside & You Will Find This Ajith Starrer To Be 'KICKASS'

  • Posted By: Kapil sharma  Updated: Friday, 22 june 2018, 14:30 [IST]
Vivegam, the much anticipated film of the year, has made a big release today (August 23, 2017). Thala Ajith, as Ajith Kumar is fondly called, is back in action after a gap of close to 20 months and Vivegam is expected to set the cash registers ringing at the box office, in the coming days.

Directed by Siva, Vivegam is tagged as a film of international standards. Has the film lived up to the big expetations bestowed on it? Keep reading Vivegam review to know more about this..

Vivegam Tamil  Movie Review
This film is mainly to celebrate Ajith. The man has given it all; with numerous complications in his body and to have gone the extra mile is highly commendable and it is something that his admirers would cherish for a very long time. Not just the highlight six pack scene, there are plenty of moments that show his hard-work and determination. But one wonders, the makers might have worked more to portray his mass in the right frame rather than just glorifying his character through over dramatic dialogues.
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The film really takes off in the second half, by when we have gotten used to its loudness. And Anirudh’s electric (and again, loud) score lends punch to the proceedings. We also get a formidable antagonist, a friend-turned-foe, whom AK has to take down and stop mass destruction. The battle between them is largely one of wits and it is these moves and counter-moves that give the film its rush.
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Vivegam‘ is not just a mass movie. It is packed with true international flavour and the story as well as narration is something new to Tamil cinema The film warrants keen watching as the story involves a lot of high technology concepts and details of international security agencies. Full credits should go for the lavish spending of producers Sathya Jyothi Films, visuals by cinematographer Vetri and fatnastci Art direction. Especially the biggest credit for this should go to the production team. The film has the gloss required for an international film and in that aspect the producers have lived up to the expectations over the banner which has been producing good quality films over the past 3.5 decades.
Vivegam has a wafer thin storyline but is laced with what Siva calls “theatre moments” or scenes where fans will clap and whistle with joy. These sequences glorify Ajith, as he walks and talks stylishly mouthing punch lines in English and Tamil, with huge action set pieces that make him look invincible
The movie starts off with the Bridge Scene with ” Never Ever Give up ” Dialogue and fans went crazy. But getting into the story the Scenes were fast phased in the first half but with less clarity. The action blocks were good. The emotional scenes with Kajal were not convincing and looked artificial. 

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