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Friday, June 22, 2018

Pari Movie Review Ratings

Pari Movie Review Ratings

Pari Movie Review:
Anushka Sharma plays Rukhsana with a great deal of bloody enthusiasm. You cannot accuse her of not trying hard, but the film is so poorly-written, and so scatter-brained that nothing can rescue it, not even a leading lady who is determined to do something different with her producing heft.
The Anushka Sharma starrer fails to rise above its silliness.
IndianExpress Rating : 3/5
If you like horror as a genre, and prefer a genuine theme over sheer succession of scary sequences, you will like this one, which isn’t bound by the diktats of commercial cinema.
Times of India Rating : 3.5/5
Pari is not without its weaknesses. Among other things, some of the information about Rukhsana’s background remains fuzzy right till the end, and Kapoor’s character uses the words pari and peri interchangeably but with different pronunciations within the span of two sentences in one scene.
Anushka Sharma and her film are scary as hell, heaven and everything in between.
First Post Rating : 3/5
The first few minutes of second half and the knot is opened with a quick pull that almost feels jerky to the pace of the film.
Anushka Sharma-starrer is Low on Chills and Short of Thrills.
PARI fails the get the momentum till the second half. Is Rukhsana obsessed or part of a cult, why is the professor with a damaged eye ( Rajat Kapoor) with a pack of agarbatti and men with weapons running after Rukhsana and who is this creepy women in black.
Glamsham Rating : 2/5
One Of The BEST To Come Out Of This Genre.
Hollywood, please take out the notepad and write down the stuff from Pari on how to make a non-cliched horror film. Surely one of the best in this genre & a must watch for the fans. Producer Anushka Sharma needs a special mention to make this possible.
Koimoi Rating : 3.5/5
Pari Not a Fairytale has an interesting premise with a fair amount of chills and thrills. However, the weak screenplay and unnecessary blood and gore is off putting. At the box office, the film will appeal to the segment of audiences who enjoy the horror/gore genre of films. 
BollywoodHungama Rating : 2.5/5
Rediff Rating : 3/5
One thing that Pari isn’t is predictable. But that isn’t good enough. It just isn’t the sort of spine-chiller that the pre-release “screamers” would have us believe. It lacks the narrative consistency that its in-your-face methods needed in order to be truly effective.
NDTV Rating :  2/5
Filmfare Rating :  2.5/5
Pari is a delightful treat and it is advised that people with weak hearts should enter the theatre at their own risks. 
cRating :  3.5/5
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